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3 Mental Weight Loss Barriers w/ Catherine Taylor

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“75% of Weight Loss is Mental”

-Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor is a master when it comes to the emotional and mental side of fitness and weight loss. Understanding the science behind weight loss is only a small piece of the puzzle, and few people understand this like Catherine.

In today’s podcast, I sit down with her talk about 3 of the biggest mental barriers that sabotage even the best diet and exercise plans.

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Intro: Catherine’s history of coaching and overcoming eating disorders.

4:44 “How you do food is how you do life.”

8:00 How weight loss problems fix themselves.

10:00 Mental Barrier #1: seeking the quick and easy fix.

12:45 Self-invention and the growth mindset for long-term progress.

12:18 Mental Barrier #2: perfectionism.

17:07 Barrier #3: emotional eating and pleasure deprivation.

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