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3 Push Up Progressions to Build Muscle

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Book 1 of the Red Delta Project is now available so now I’m working on book 2!

In this book, I’ll be detailing how you can build muscle, strength and burn fat through bodyweight training. The key to doing this is to use what I call the table of progressive elements.¬†These elements work just like weight plates on a barbell and allow you to adjust the difficulty of any bodyweight exercise.

table of progressive elements

The Table of Progressive Elements for building muscle and strength through bodyweight training

I also use a progression system called sliding progressions. Instead of adjusting your technique in steps, sliding progression allows micro adjustment in your technique. This gives you the freedom to perfectly dial in your training to suit your body, fitness level, and preferences.

Check out this video for a sample on how to use 3 of the progressive elements within the sliding progression system for the push up exercise.