Lose Weight & Get Fit in 7 Days

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This year, instead of thinking of how you’re going to change over the next 365 days, think of how you can progress over the next 7.

I’ve learned that the results you seek aren’t miles away, but rather just ever so slightly out of reach. You can be leaner, stronger and more fit if you progress just a couple of things each week.

So starting now I’m making a list of just 3 mini resolutions every Sunday. Each of these is something that’s supposed to be small and relatively easy to do. That way, I know I can be better off by this time next week. Not by this time next year or within a few months from now. I’m going to be better off in 7 days time and next Sunday I can review my mini resolutions and then keep them for another week, adjust them or simply make new ones.

Give it a shot. What could be better than knowing you’re going to be better off by this time next week?