3 Ways To Prevent Your Workout From Becoming a Waste of Time

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These days everyone is busier than ever, and it’s easy to push the workout off to the side with claims that you don’t have time to get to the gym.

It’s not an excuse, most people legitimately don’t have the time to workout. It’s not because working out takes a lot of of time; it’s because how most people approach their workout is incredibly wasteful.

Most workouts don’t really require that much time, but there are three things many people fail to do that causes their workout to bloat into a long and exhausting activity. The first is failing to prioritize what you want to accomplish in your training. The more you focus on what’s most important, the less time you waste on exercises and activities that don’t help you accomplish your goal.

The second problem is a lack of planning. A simple plan simplifies your workout down tot he most essential elements so you know exactly what to do. Otherwise, you run the risk of wandering around in your workout while doing things that not only aren’t very effective but cost you a lot of time as well.

Third, is a failure to focus on progression. Results come, not from spending a lot of time or energy, but by improving your training over the course of time. The beautiful thing is, not only does progression get you better results, but it also helps you get those results without driving yourself into the ground with long and exhaustive workouts.