4 Essential Muscle Building Skills

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Triad Muscle revolution before and after pic

I’ve learned the hard way that muscle building is a skill. I spent years believing that I would become big and strong if I could just work hard enough. That approach did work for a little while, but once I grew beyond the beginner stages I ignored the fact that I had to develop certain skills to keep building muscle. I simply kept pushing myself as hard as possible. This not only kept me in a plateau, it also caused injury, burn out and loads of frustration.

Now I’m a little wiser about my approach to strength and muscle. I know I can’t keep banging my head agains the wall and expect to get any further. These days, I’m all about developing the skills of muscle activation, body control, recovery, and adaptability. As my skills in these areas improve so do my results despite not working that much harder. If anything I’ve actually worked less hard and my body is better off for it.

Listen in to this week’s podcast as I detail these 4 essential muscle building skills and how you too can develop them yourself for far better results without banging your head against the wall.