4 Moves to Restore Your Primal Strength

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The most sure sign that you’re getting stronger is when you embrace what you’ve once feared.

We modern humans move unlike anything nature intended us to. We sit too much, walk too little, slouch and hardly move with grace but rather struggle. We are becoming weak, slow, stiff, clumsy and fragile.

Modern exercise isn’t helping either. Doing an exercise 1-2 times a week does little to combat against the habits you do for hours every day. Even modern equipment and exercises promotes these weaknesses and imbalances.  There are machines you sit on, free weights with comfortable handles and even hardcore workouts prevent you from doing the very things you were design to do. (Spinal flexion and extension is one common example.)

Fear not my friend! You can restore your natural balance and strength with 4 simple moves. These 4 moves don’t need to be a workout or anything. Just play with them as much as you can each day and you’ll be amazed as how you look and feel!

#1- Hanging.
Helps with: 
Weak grip, poor muscle control in the pulling chain, weak back and core balance, unstable shoulders, imbalanced rotator cuff, and helps de-compress the spine.pull up3

Exercises: Pull ups, rows, levers, knee raises or just grab and hang with tension through your arms, shoulders and back.

You are a primate and your primal heritage has blessed you with the ability to hang. It’s so simple children do it out on the playground but we adults have outgrown that right? Bah! Every muscle and bone in your body was designed to hang from stuff so unleash that strength that’s dormant in your primal DNA and hang!

#2 Squats.
Helps with: Just about every lower body ache, pain, imbalance, stiffness and weakness you can fall victim to.

pistol squat
Wide, and narrow squats, lunges, split squats, Bulgarian squats, single leg squats, jumping, step ups and anything else that moves you up and down with your legs.

Of course I’m talking about the body weight squat which is more natural and balanced than the weighted squat.  Squat fend off just about every affliction you can suffer from too much sitting so don’t just sit there…..squat there!

#3- Back and hip extension

Helps with Tight spine, inactive abs, poor muscle control in the lats and spinal erectors, “Sleepy” glutes and hamstrings, Tight breathing, poor posture, rounded shoulders, tight rotator cuff, and helps to bring more tension to every muscle in your upper body while working out.

The Table Top Bridge is a great way to assess and build posterior chain strength.

The Table Top Bridge is a great way to assess and build posterior chain strength.

Exercises: Bridges,  Body rows, crab walk, reaching over head, reverse hip extension bench, rear fly on TRX.

Sitting is the #1 threat to your back health. While sitting less is good, it’s not going to fully restore your back health because most of your poster chain is now asleep and will cause problems  from standing too much! The solution is to kick that posterior chain back on through using it every day to extend your entire body.

#4- Crawling.
Helps with: Weak core, stiff wrists, weak wrists, unstable and weak shoulders, tight hips, weak anterior hips, poor muscle  coordination.

Exercises: Tiger crawl, lateral crawl, crawling push ups, crab walk anything just get down on all fours and move!

Get animal strengthl by moving like and animal!

Get animal strengthl by moving like and animal!


You could crawl before you could walk, so there is certainly something primal about it. Many beleive those plate-like pecs in your chest are a hold over from when humans used their arms to support and move the body around. So no, pecs are not for the pec machine or bench press. They are for crawling!

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for examples of all of these moves over the next week or two. For now though play around. Just experimenting with these moves in a playful way is all it takes to restore your primal body.