4 Tips to Make Training Fun Again

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Your training should be a positive and fun experience in your life. Sure, you’ll have occasional workouts that are a bear to get through, but these should be the exception and not the rule.

If your workouts are becoming a drag, it’s time to make some adjustments to breathe the life back into them. One common strategy is to do something different to add in some variety. This can work in the short-term but it doesn’t address the real cause of the problem which is that your exercises are no longer a good fit for you. Following the examples in this video will help you correct this and not only make your workouts more enjoyable but more effective as well.

#1 Regress your training

It can be easy to overload yourself with too much volume or intensity in the never-ending quest for progress. Adding these elements is great, but sometimes, it can get out of hand and you end up taking on just a bit too much. This can lead to chronic frustration, stress and the feeling like you’re just barely getting through your workouts.

Scaling back, just a little bit, can put you back in control of your workout and relieve the feeling like you’re just hanging on for dear life.

#2 Progress your training

On the other hand, you may be better off ramping things up a bit. Again, it can be easy to fall into a state of complacency and just go through the motions in an effort to stick to that routine that was once fresh and rewarding.

Adding just some intensity or volume can help break you out of your shell and make you feel that familiar sensation of stretching your boundaries of capability.

#3 Train to accomplish something

Above all, every workout should be done in an effort to accomplish something. It may be doing a couple of extra reps, improving stability, or just breathing a little smoother.

It doesn’t matter too much what you’re trying to accomplish, just so long as you’re not going into the workout merely trying to work hard and get it over with. Hard work is important, but it doesn’t hold much promise of success. Instead, make sure you’re applying your hard work toward accomplishing something that inches you closer to your goal.

#4 Make sure what you’re doing relates to your goal

There are countless exercises and training methods in our fitness culture, but most of them are probably going to be a waste of your time and energy. This is especially the case if you have a very specific goal (which I recommend you have) and you want to accomplish it as quickly as possible.

Burpees won’t do you much good for building muscle and the bench press isn’t going to improve your 5K time. You’ll even hear some people claim there’s little value in whole training methods like cardio, stretching or foam rolling.

Of course, the value in an exercise or training method depends on you and your goals, so it’s always your choice. Just don’t feel like you have to include every exercise or training method under the sun. Most of them will just eat up your time and energy and leave you with less to spend doing the things that matter most to you.