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4 Weight Loss Advantages of Calisthenics

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If weight loss is your goal, then calisthenics hold some special advantages over other forms of exercise, making them a fat loss powerhouse.

– Calisthenics encourage a lighter body.

You can be 50 pounds over weight and still kick butt on the bench press. You can still ride long and hard in a spinning class even if you have the biggest beer gut in the world.
Calisthenics require an ever improving strength to weight ratio. They always encourage you to get lighter as well as stronger.

It’s almost magic how someone can sit on a machine or elliptical for months and hardly lose any weight. However once they ask their body to actually move through space it’s almost as if it sheds the fat like it’s a detriment to it’s performance….which it is.

– Flexible for your lifestyle

Losing weight with exercise is tough. It requires you to spend a lot of time and effort on a consistent basis. Just fitting a workout in when you can isn’t going to cut it.
Life often doesn’t play nice with workout routines that require you to be in a spacific place at a spacific time using spacific equipment.
Calisthenics are the most lifestyle-flexible form of exercise allowing you to stick to them on a Consistant basis even when life keeps throwing your curve balls.

– low start up cost

Exercise routines are hard to start up. They require money, time, effort, and living somtimes space. These obstacles are often enough to derail many resolutions to get exercise.
Because calisthenics require so little resources the start up costs offer almost no barrier for entry.

– Enhance other forms of exercise.
Calisthenics alone are great, but you may desire to breach out into other methods of exercise.
Calisthenics has incredible functional carry over thus making you stronger and more capable for any activity you chose. You’ll be able to run further, lift heavier, and hold that Yoga pose longer thus enhancing the fat blasting potential of all other exercise.

Calisthenics are no magic bullet but they can certainly add some extra fire power to your weight loss plan.