5 Bodyweight Muscle Building Essentials

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One of the best things about bodyweight training is its minimalist nature. You don’t really need anything beyond some open floor space and maybe a place to hang.

With that said, if your goal is to build as much muscle and strength as possible through bodyweight training you will greatly benefit from the following resources:

#1- Convict Conditioning.

Building muscle with body weight training is not really any different than building it with weights. After all, body weight training is still weight lifting, only now you’re the weight.

The ultimate Calisthenics Manual


The biggest difference is how you adjust the resistance of an exercise. With weights, you adjust the weight and with BW training, you adjust your technique. This is why understanding how to progress your training on a technical level is essential for building muscle. Without this knowledge, you’ll never get much stronger or bigger beyond where you start. Convict Conditioning and the PCC workshop are the best resources I know of to learn the full range of how to adjust any bodyweight technique from the super easy to the insanely difficult.

#2- Chain Training Ebook.chain training ebook1

Building muscle is all about time under tension (TUT) and my Chain Training ebook was written to help you master the tension in your muscles. This helps you get stronger, grow muscle and avoid injury. You can download your free copy here.

#3- Workout Log.

Hard workouts don’t build muscle and strength. Progressive workouts are what build muscle and strength. Even if you’re pushing yourself as hard as possibscoreboard1le, you still won’t build much muscle unless each workout is 1% better than the one before it.

You can keep a simple notebook, or use my Scoreboard Workout Log which you can download the Ebook on it here.

#4- FitMate App.

Time under tension is kind of difficult to quantify. Sets and reps work well, but they can be faulty as speed and tempo can alter your TUT within the samimagese rep range. Plus there’s the rest period to consider as well. Using a stopwatch can be a pain with having to hit the button so many times.

The FitMate app is available free on IOS, Android and Windows. It’s a programmable app that makes timing your TUT simple and easy as pie. You can check out my review of the app, and how I set it up, here. ¬†Download it for free from your app store.

#5- Lifeline XT suspension straps.

Technically you don’t need a set of straps, but I find they can really help add variety, improve progression and are just generally fun to use.¬†Jungle Gym XT

I’ve used a lot of straps over the years and I’m super picky about the designs I use. The XT straps from Lifeline are just about the only off-the-shelf design I recommend. They are just about the only straps that have all of the benefits I look for without any of the disadvantages.

Let me know if you have any question on these products or if I’ve missed anything you think is important to include.