5 fitness beliefs holding you back

5 Fitness Beliefs Holding You back

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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Your fitness beliefs hold the key to your success as I explained in last week’s podcast.  Some beliefs lurk in your subconscious sabotaging your fitness at every turn without you even knowing it. They can handicap your weight loss, muscle building, and performance regardless of how your diet or exercise plans. While you may be able to temporarily achieve some success, your deeply held beliefs will eventually rob you of your progress.

It’s time to dig deep into the depths of such toxic beliefs and drag them to the surface so they can be examined and destroyed. Doing so will help free from their oppressive hold that is preventing you from reaching the fitness success you’re capable of achieving.

Your fitness beliefs reside deep within your emotional subconscious.

In this week’s podcast I’m calling out 5 of the most poisonous fitness beliefs surrounding age, genetics, personal identity and more. I will warn you that some of what I say may be a little hard to hear. While these beliefs are holding you back, they are also comforting to hold onto. No one likes to be called out on their excuses and self-sabotage. So I encourage you to take this episode with a grain of salt and not take it too seriously. Just let the lessons in today’s podcast sit in your mind for a while without rejecting or fully embracing them. Your mind will figure out how to best use this information in time.