5 Reasons Why You’re Frustrated By Your Ab Workouts

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Let’s be honest! We all dream of perfectly sculpted 6 pack abs. The kind that we could use as a toast rack (if we ever allowed ourselves the indulgence of refined carbs). The kind that turns heads when we step outside in a tight top and can be seen standing proudly through the figure-hugging fabric. Great abs can tie any kind of physique together, and add a wow factor to your body. But getting fantastic abs requires enormous commitment. Especially when we get older and our metabolism becomes less efficient. 

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What’s more, when we fall into bad habits, take the wrong advice or develop toxic fitness beliefs, it can lead to greater frustration in our ab workouts. We may find that our efforts are not proportionate to our gains. WIth that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you’re frustrated by your ab workouts…

You’re not engaging your abs every day

Most of the time, it’s not advisable to engage the same muscle groups in two consecutive days. Muscles need a chance to heal and repair so that they can grow back bigger and stronger. Overtraining in this way can be a waste of time at best and invite injury at worst. However, your abs are more resilient than most muscle groups and it’s not only safe to work them out every day. It’s actually beneficial. 

You’re not investing equipment that’ll get the most out of your exercises

Like any exercise, your ab exercises need proper engagement of all the muscle groups of the abdomen to achieve great results. And if you’re working out your abs on the floor of your bedroom with your feet under the radiator, you may not be getting the kind of engagement that yields great results. Take a look at these sit up bench reviews. The support and incline will enable you to better challenge your abs while also ensuring proper engagement of the core muscles.  

You’re neglecting your cardio

No matter how well you work out your abs, if they’re hidden behind a veneer of fat you won’t be able to see the results as prominently as you’d like. Which is why you should always supplement your strength training with cardio. Fasted cardio first thing in the morning or cardio just after an intensive weights session is the most effective. 

You’re forgetting that great abs are also made in the kitchen

Of course, great abs aren’t just made in the gym. They’re also made in the kitchen. If your diet is high in refined carbohydrates, low in protein and low in healthy fats you’re going to end up carrying a lot of stored energy in your midriff. 

You’re concentrating too much on your abs and neglecting the rest of your body

Finally, don’t fall into the trap of giving your abs too much focus. It’s important to work out your whole body for a number of reasons. Not only does it give you a more balanced physique, it also boosts your metabolism so that you’re more likely to burn fat even when resting. What’s more, lots of exercises also engage the abs as secondary muscle groups. So you’re working on your abs… even when you’re not working on your abs!