6 Tips to lose weight build muscle fast

5 Tips To Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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This week’s topic is all about helping you lose weight or build muscle as fast as possible. Quickly changing your physical body is a unique challenge. As I mentioned in my book, Fitness Independence, you can get big results, easy results, and fast results. The catch is you just can’t have all three at once.

That’s why I’m a big fan of getting big results relatively easily but at the cost of time. It’s that whole slow-and-steady sort of idea that makes achieving and maintaining your success much more likely to happen.

But what happens if you find yourself wanting, or needing, to get in great shape within a short period of time. Maybe you’re getting ready for a wedding or an acting role. Slow-and-steady isn’t’ going to work, so what do you do?

That’s why I drafted up these 6 tips to help you make the biggest changes to your body as quickly as possible.

#1 Set a clear goal and deadline

Setting a clear goal and deadline will make achieving the results you want much easier. The mind doesn’t function well in an uncertain situation. Saying you’re trying to lose weight by summer is a lot harder to comprehend than aiming to lose 20 pounds by July 4rth.

#2 Plan each day

Very little has ever been accomplished without a detailed game plan. If possible, plan out what you’re going to do each day, or at least each week regarding the habits you need to adapt to accomplish your goal.

The more you plan your habits the better your changes will be to lose weight or build muscle as fast as possible.

#3 Hire help

It’s almost impossible to accomplish much on your own. Sure, you can figure things out on your own, but that’s going to take time. Maybe a long time. Since time isn’t on your side, then it’s time to hire some help from coaches, trainers, nutritionists or therapists.

A trained expert will bring you further in a week than you may accomplish on your own over several months.

#4 Tell folks what you’re doing

Some people in your life will support your ambition, while others may not care. A few may even not agree with it.

In all cases, letting people know beforehand what you’re doing will help. Those who support your goals can be there for you during the inevitable rough patches when your motivation drops. For everyone else, it will help them understand why you’re bringing your own food to the family picnic or when you tell them you can’t skip a workout.

#5 Prepare for what’s about to happen

Make no mistake, making big changes quickly is not going to be easy. Sometimes, it may even be extremely difficult for both body and mind. You’re probably going to have to take your diet and workouts to an extreme level compared to what you’re used to.

It’s natural to feel dips in motivation and to wonder if what you’re doing is worth the work. This is why it pays to be both mentally and physically ready for the challenge in front of you. Know that what you’re doing is not going to be easy, fun or enjoyable. It’s going to be hell. Ironically, knowing this will make those rough times a bit easier.

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Also be sure to take your rest and recovery very seriously. Pushing your limits is going to require you to be as serious about your recovery as you are about your diet and training.

Bonus #6 Plan a maintenance phase for afterward

The diet and exercise habits that make you lose weight and build muscle fast as simply not sustainable. That’s okay because you’re not trying to get in shape for life, you’re just trying to reach a deadline event like a wedding or photo shoot.  Once you cross that finish line you can scale back a bit into maintenance mode.

The key is to make sure you still maintain some integrity with your training and diet rather than just fall off the wagon entirely. By all means, take a week off to recover from your challenge, but get back to it as soon as you can. Doing this will not only help you maintain some of your hard-earned results but will make it a lot easier to get back to top shape next time.

So those are my 6 tips for losing weight and building muscle as fast as possible. I wish you the best of luck and feel free to look for more tips and ideas on the RDP YouTube Channel or my book, Fitness Independence on Amazon.