6 Questions That Will Change Your Body and Your Life

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I want to present you with 6, simple yet profound questions that have the potential to change your body and your life. These 6 questions are part of the new Smart Bodyweight Training Digital Workbook which you can download here for free. This workbook is a quick-start guide to help you get the most out of my recently released second book, Smart Bodyweight Training. 

I’ve hand-selected these 6 questions because they can lead you down some pretty deep rabbit holes and discover what you really need to be successful in fitness and life.

I have to warn you…….

These 6 questions may seem simple and most people won’ use them to dig deep enough to gain the true benefits that come from asking them.  These 6 questions are not meant to be something you ask yourself once and then answer after a few minutes of thought.

These are questions that are meant to be contemplated and meditated on for long periods of time. You can spend the next several years trying to answer them. But that’s okay, the benefit of these questions comes from the asking of the questions themselves, not the answers you arrive at. They are meant to spark inquiry and curiosity that will help you learn and discover what you really need to achieve your goals. Afterall, nothing makes it harder to make progress than having all of the answers.

So without further ado, here are the 6 questions from the Smart Bodyweight Training Digital Workbook.

#1 What do you want?

This is the mother of all progress and success. You can’t pursue something until you clearly know what it is you want to accomplish.

This question may seem simple, but it can be one of the most difficult to truly understand. For example, while many people will say they want to lose weight, but everyone may have different motivations behind that goal. One person may want to feel sexy and attractive. Another might want to feel lighter and more energetic. Yet someone else will say they just want to just feel like themselves again.

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My advice is to really think about this question for a solid week or two. Keep asking yourself why you feel you want something to dig deep into your motivational drive. The deeper you dig the deeper your conviction will be.

#2 What are some of the obstacles or challenges you’re facing?

Everyone has their own challenges and obstacles to overcome. Even the most genetically gifted individuals who seem to have every advantage in the world are fighting their own personal battles. It’s good to understand this because there are a lot of ideas floating around out there that portray success like sliding down a hill. You just hop on the right sled and glide your way to success. This idea will take you to the same place you end up while sledding down a hill; right to the bottom.

If you want to get to the top you’re going to have resistance in some form or another. The climber at the top of a mountain didn’t fall up there. They overcame gravity, altitude, weather, doubt and equipment failures. This is the way success happens. If you feel like the whole world is against you then congrats. You’re headed in the right direction.

The purpose of this question is to help you draw out the challenges you have to face. Don’t buy into the idea that a lack of time or ability is just an “excuse” which often means it somehow doesn’t count. Almost every excuse ever made is perfectly valid and 100% true. Telling someone “Don’t make excuses” is like telling a climber on the side of a cliff to ignore gravity or a perilous sheet of ice. At best it’s foolish and it could even be dangerous. Draw your challenges out into the open so you can observe them in an honest light so you can then move onto the next question.

#3 What can you do to start getting around these obstacles?

Excuses get a bad reputation because they often stop people in their tracks but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Discovering an “excuse” or challenge to your objective is quite the blessing. Once you know what the issue is you can start taking steps to get around it.

You don’t have to fully solve the problem. If you don’t have much time, see if you can carve out just 5-10 minutes in the day. If money is tight, see if there are some free workout videos on Youtube or a free workout app you can download. You just need to start chipping away to start making progress.

#4 What resources do you have (flexible lunch break, home exercise equipment, friends or co-workers etc) that can help you get what you want?

This question is intended to help you identify and appreciate all of the potential advantages surrounding you that can help you get what you want. The more you become aware of them, the more you can appreciate and use them for all they are worth.

Maybe you have a coworker who you can ask for advice since they’ve already accomplished what you want. What sort of clubs or resources within your town can help you be active and improve your training? Even your smartphone can offer a lot of resources with all of the fitness apps you can download.

Yes, I know there are challenges and counter-productive influences out there but don’t let them distract you from all of the blessings you have at your disposal.

#5 What constructive habits do you enjoy practicing?

Finding constructive habits you enjoy is super important to your success. I know you want to succeed, but there will be days, even weeks or months, where the desire to reach success alone isn’t going to be enough. That’s why it’s critical to find habits you enjoy practicing for their own sake. Forget about what someone claims to be the “best” exercise or workout program. It doesn’t matter if a scientific study claims that running is the best way to burn calories. You’re not going to do it if you would rather eat a ghost pepper than run a mile. But if you get excited over the idea of attending a yoga retreat then pursue that for all it’s worth.

#6 What has worked for you in the past?

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If something worked for you in the past, there’s a good chance it’s going to work again. I would look to revisit old training methods that worked for you before rather than taking a chance on something completely new.

Also, consider why you stopped practicing those methods the first time around. See if you can identify the challenges and issues that came up before so you can productively handle them this time around. And no, vowing to just try harder and use more willpower isn’t a good plan. Try to create a solid plan of action to overcome your previous challenges that don’t just involve trying to “not screw up.”

There you have it, 6 questions that can help you focus your attention on what’s most important for your training success. Like all good questions, these will probably lead to more questions and uncertainty. That’s a good thing. The more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll seek which is the key to learning and progression.

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