9 Killer GymBoss Workouts

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I’m really not someone who’s big on new fitness toys and gadgets. I mean, I’m the guy who thinks a gym bag filled with gravel is the ultimate fitness device.

But the Gymboss timer is really one of those things that can make a huge contribution to the quality of your workouts and results.
Here is a list of some of the ways I’ve been using mine to achieve a whole new level of fitness:

#1 Three minute tests. Just select an exercise and see how many reps or distance you can cover in 3 minutes. Trying to break your previous record will break plateaus.

#2 Tabata. Classic protocol; 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds. Works really well for body weight exercises and cardio moves like burpees, jumping lunges and recline rows.

#3 Circuit set up. Choose how ever many exercises you like and set the timer for 4 minutes per exercise. So if you have 5 exercises then you set the timer for 20 minutes. See how many times you can complete the circuit.

#4 Pick a big hill or mountain and use the stop watch function to see how quickly you can make it to the top. This is one of the single best forms of cardio. Period.

#5 If stretching, Yoga or any kind of exercise with static moves is your thing just set the timer to signal for 30-45 seconds on each round. This way you can transition from one posture to another without having to watch a clock. It really makes a difference in both consistency and ease of exercise.

#6 While timing rounds for things like boxing or kick boxing is obvious, you can also time rounds for doing sprint intervals on your next run or bike ride. Just set it up so that every 15 minutes or so it gives you a 20 second sprint. It makes it effortless to add a bit of sprint into your training without worrying about distances.

#7 If you’re having an off day set the timer up to time your rest periods in between sets. Sometimes this is done to keep the pace of a workout high but it can also force you to keep the pace slower so your mind doesn’t stress about needing to push against your tired body or mind.

#8 Set the timer for 30 second intervals. At each chime do 3-5 reps of a selected exercise. This is a great way to do a lot of reps in a relatively short period of time without feeling like you’re beating yourself up.

#9 Mix isometrics with reps. Set the timer for 15 or 20 second rounds. When the timer goes off start gong for reps. When it goes off again hit an isometric pose and hold for the round. So if you’re doing squats hold the lower position on the squat. When the chime goes off a third time start moving again. This is great for endurance and mental toughness as well.

If you have any other killer ideas just leave them below!

Matt Schifferle