A Body Weight Workout For Bigger Biceps

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The bicep curl has long been a favorite beach-body exercise and for good reason.

Few areas of the body convey strength and power like a nice and toned upper arm. Or at least that’s ussualy the case.

The love of biceps has resulted in many men doing curl after curl in the gym. It’s a great way to build the biceps but it also leaves them strutting around with massive arm muscles while the rest of the body is less developed. It can give off a cartoonish look. Kind of as if they should be carrying around a can of spinach and squinting with a pipe in their mouth.

Strong biceps are only impressive if the shoulders and back are also developed within proportion.
Luckily, body weight based bicep training does a great job at keeping the body in balance. Plus they are also very functional so your bigger and more powerful guns won’t be firing blanks when it comes time to actually use them.

Below is a quick video of my favorite body weight based biceps workout. Give it a shot, I promise it’ll hit your biceps like nothing you have ever done.