A Common Lie About Personal Trainers and Coaches

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One of the biggest lies told within our fitness industry is that  we trainers and coaches don’t endorse a certain product or service someone is selling because weak and unhealthy people keep paying money to us while strong and fit people don’t. So we don’t want to get people in shape because they will stop allowing us to rake in the cash. I’m here to say it’s complete nonsense.

I’m not going to kid you. If that magic weight loss pill or muscle building shake really did exist I would start selling and promoting it like crazy. If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s that the path of most resistance is for idiots and losers. Those who succeed in fitness do so through making getting stronger and losing weight as easy as possible. I used to believe that not looking for short cuts was noble and righteous when it came to getting in shape, but now I know I was very foolish.

The points I’m making are simple:

#1- A sick, weak and unhealthy population is by far the most difficult group of people to make a successful living off of. 2 years ago I moved from Vermont to Denver Colorado.  I went from a population where some of the people are somewhat fit and health conscious to literally the leanest and most fit population in the country. Why? Because it’s a hell of a lot easier to make a living and make money here than it was there. unfit and weak people are far less likely to invest, and continue to invest in the services of a personal trainer. Meanwhile someone who is already fit and strong is much more likely to invest in my services.

We trainers literally live off of getting people results. Those who get the best results as quickly as possible win. Anyone who believes that keeping someone from getting what they want in order to keep them paying money is a terrible business person. I have every incentive both personally as well as financially, to get people results. Keeping people from getting results doesn’t set me up for continued income. It prevents it.

#2- I’m not about to avoid short cuts. If there really was a magic pill I believed in I wouldn’t hesitate to endorse it. If there’s a short cut out there that I believe will work I spread the word as much as possible. I’ll also use that short cut myself. I’ve played the hand of the righteous fitness enthusiast who valiantly struggles to make an inch of progress and believe me, it’s not a smart path. Making diet and exercise unnecessarily difficult just holds you back pure and simple.

#3- The only reason why I don’t endorse supplement X or gadget Y is mostly because I believe they are actually the long way to results. Why spend an extra $6 on a post workout shake when that brown bad lunch you packed will do a much better job of fulfilling you both physically as well as emotionally? Why buy the latest cardio equipment to use in your dusty basement while your bicycle collects rust in your garage?  I would bet dollars to donuts that bicycle will deliver a much better workout than the latest cardio machine.

I’m all about short cuts in diet and exercise. I believe in getting the best results possible for the least cost to your pocket book and schedule. That’s what this entire website is all about.

So no, Mr/Mrs sales person for the latest diet and exercise products. I don’t endorse your products because I think they are too good at getting people in shape and I believe that if people get in shape then they will stop spending money. That’s not why I don’t endorse your products. It’s simply because I believe in making fitness as easy as possible with as many short cuts as I can find and your products are simply no short cut.