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Try This High Intensity Workout With a Built-In Warm Up Period

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A lot of quick time based workouts (like the 3 minute test or tabata) are great for a speedy workout but they can feel like getting hit by a truck.

You’re just getting ready to workout and then WHAM! You find yourself sprinting at top speed while trying not to hack up a lung or blow out a joint. Once that clock starts ticking the race is on.

There is a great workout that combines the fast pace and high intensity of a timed workout with a slow warm up period.

It’s called Death by (insert exercise here).

The idea is simple. You have a running interval timer for 30 seconds to 1 minute. At the first chime of the timer you do one rep. At the second you do 2 and at the third you do 3 and so on.
The beauty of this workout is that as your body warms up you gradually do more work and have shorter rest periods. Eventually you reach a point where you are working really hard and hardly resting at all.

The workout is over once you fail to complete the prescribed number of reps for the round. So if you are on the 10th round but only get 8 push ups then you’re done. The goal is to see how many rounds you can complete. When you are done record how far you got and then try to complete one additional round in the next workout.

This workout style is great for any sort of strength training with repetitions, but as you may guess body weight exercise is really great for this given its easy ability to start-stop a set in little to no time.