You Are Not Unique (A Rant)

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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One of my biggest pet peeves about fitness is this idea that everyone should get some sort of special consideration based on who they are.

People tell me all of the time that they should somehow get a different routine or program based on their age, gender, weight, or some other factor. This sort of thing drives me crazy!

I don’t mean to sound harsh (actually I guess I do) but I don’t give a damn about anything that makes you different. I don’t care how old you are, how tall you are or what your religious affiliation is. None of that makes one iota of difference as far as I’m concerned.

I blame my attitude on my Taekwon-Do instructor. He never gave anyone special treatment under any circumstances. It didn’t matter if you were young or old, male or female, or whatever. He made everyone do the same drills and techniques. He would put a 13 year old white belt with a 34 year old black belt. It didn’t matter if you were 5 foot tall and female, you still worked with the black belt who was built like a tank.

Like my instructor, I believe the only reason to scale and modify a program or technique is based on the individuals capability. How old you are or your gender has no basis on my training. I only care about your ability to move and use your body. I won’t change your program based on your age or gender, but I will base your program off of how many push ups you can do.

Oh yea and one more thing, I’m going to ask you to do things you may not be able to do very well. I know you’ll feel like you’re struggling or sometimes falling short, but that doesn’t mean I’m pushing your too hard. That means I’m pushing you beyond what your mind thought was possible, which is the entire point of training in the first place. If you don’t ever do more than you believe you’re capable of then you’ll never grow or progress from where you are now.

Capability is the only thing that matters and expending what you think is possible is the only path that’s going to bring you anywhere.  The sooner you get the garbage out of your head that you deserve special treatment based on things outside of that, the sooner you’ll actually allow yourself to take off the brakes and improve.

-Rant over-