The Red Delta Project was created with the simple goal to make staying in shape as easy as possible. This is possible through eliminating much of the stress caused by conventional approaches to health and fitness.

Popular fitness methods, like restrictive diets and abusive workouts, are terribly inefficient and impose excessive amounts of stress on your body and mind. Enduring such stress is like riding a bicycle with the brake on. It forces you to work harder for meager results while wearing you down. Eventually, you burn out and your health suffers as a result.

Some forms of stress are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You do need to work your muscles to make them grow stronger. Personal change does involve taking a few risks and facing your inner demons. However, while these acute bouts of stress are important, they should make diet and exercise easier and less stressful over time.

It all starts with Fitness Independence

Fitness Independence is the foundational philosophy of the Red Delta Project. It allows you to break free of the stressful diet and exercise rat race so you can get in the best shape of your life on your own terms.

Unlike popular fitness dogmas, which force you to follow a strict set of rules, Fitness Independence focuses on the natural core principles of health and fitness. Understanding such principles gives you the power to achieve better results and the freedom to eat and train however you wish. It also significantly reduces the amount of stress fitness can have on your mind, body, and lifestyle.

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About The Fit Rebel

Founder Matt Schifferle grew up in Vermont where he learned to enjoy an active lifestyle of skiing, cycling, and martial arts. After years of struggling with conventional diet and exercise methods, he developed the Fitness Independence philosophy to escape the fitness rat race.

Matt resides and works in Essex Vermont as a personal trainer at Body Resolution and is a PCC Team Leader for Dragon Door Publications. He still enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, calisthenics and inventing homemade bodyweight equipment.

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