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Advance Your Bodyweight Training w/ ROM

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You can improve performance, burn fat and build muscle by increasing the range of motion (ROM) in your bodyweight training.  Even adding as little as half and inch can make a large difference.

Increasing your range of motion can improve performance goes beyond flexibility. The old time strength athletes used to talk about “subtle strength” which is not only processing the flexibility to move in a wide range but also the strength to control your body through that range.  By increasing your subtle strength, you improve balance, control and increase your power band in things like golf swings, kicking and even jumping.

pistol squats

Deep squats can teach you where your tension control is lacking.

Increasing range of motion can also help your time under tension which helps build muscle. Going deeper in a squat or higher in a pull up can increase both time and tension.  Longer reps require more time plus the edges of your range of motion often require more tension in the muscle to control.

While increasing your range of motion may seem to have limited application for fat loss, it can lead to a secondary benefit. Feeling tight and restricted in your movement can have a big influence on your activity level and calorie output. When you’re loose and possess that subtle strength your body is more action ready. This makes it much easier to break the perpetual motion of sitting still and helps your body feel ready to work without a long warm-up.

Check out this  video for more details: