Advanced bodyweight training made simple

Advanced Bodyweight Training Made Simple

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One of the most benefits of the R.D.P and Fitness Independence is you learn the basic principals of fitness while also giving you the freedom and flexibility to apply them as you see fit. That way, you gain both better results and the freedom to be fit on your own terms.

For a long time, I’ve been looking to do this with progressive calisthenics. Until now, the most popular approach to progressive calisthenics has been a step-by-step system like the one in Convict Conditioning. This sort of system is very good, but I’ve learned that progression doesn’t always happen in clean even steps. While doing

pistol squat

A simple pistol squat can include many progressive elements in one single rep.

the steps, I’ve often found myself breaking each step into a series of smaller steps and even breaking those into smaller steps as well. I’ve also found myself working on different aspects of the technique on each step. So even if I was on the same step, I found I could make progress and improve various aspects of the technique such as muscle control, a range of motion and weight distribution.

Now I can say I’ve figured out the basic design of what I call the Table of Progressive Elements for not just bodyweight training, but all exercise in general. This table will make it clear exactly what and how you can move forward while giving you the flexibility to adjust your training to best suit your needs.

Check out the video below and let me know if you have any questions!