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Advanced Centerline Calisthenics

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The centerline of your body holds the key to building muscle, blinding performance and even fat loss.

centerline bodyweight

The centerline that divides your left and right side is very important for building muscle.

Examples of the potential of the centerline have been a secret performance enhancer for centuries. Ancient forms fo martial arts, dance and even manual labor have long used the centerline as a guiding principle for power and control.

Using your centerline involves more than just using a narrow hand placement or foot stance. It also refers to the direction tension flows through your muscles. ¬†Many progressive calisthenics exercises are only possible when you direct tension in towards your centerline. If you fail to do that, you’ll struggle to achieve the control you need for advanced moves.

progressive push up centerline

Drive tension inwards to keep your limbs tight to your centerline.

Check out this video to learn more about how the centerline can help improve your bodyweight training: