Advancing bodyweight training

Advancing Bodyweight Training w/ Time

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Time is a crucial element in the progression of your bodyweight training. You can use it to burn fat, improve performance and burn fat. Check out these simple ways you can change the time you train to influence the 3 key principles of exercise science.

#1 Progressing S.A.I.D for better skill and performance

hockey player

Learning skills and being able to perform at a high level requires a lot of repetitive practice. Think of a basketball player, or a martial artist learning their respective disciplines. They rely on frequently practicing their skills to reach even a modest level of proficiency. They wouldn’t get very far if they only practiced a little here and there.

#2 Progressing T.U.T to build more muscle

time under tension

Training for muscle growth is simple. Just put some tension in the muscle and increase both the amount of tension and the time under tension over weeks and months. It’s a simple plan, but it sure isn’t easy. But if gaining muscle is your goal, placing a muscle under more tension for longer periods of time is a sure bet.

#3 Progressing I.C.E to burn fat faster

increase calorie expenditure

Muscle tension burns fat, and the longer you create tension the more fat you burn. It’s as simple as that.

Keep in mind that all tension burns fat so it doesn’t really matter if you walk more, run more, hike more or juggle flaming chainsaws more.  Even taking more steps throughout the day will help. The more time you spend creating tension the more you burn over time.

Check out this video for more information on how you can manipulate the progressive element of time to get better results: