Advice for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athlete

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I believe growth and improvement should be a constant companion in your training. Something should be improving for you every week, or at least every month.

This week I sat down with Girya Girl, Adrienne Harvey, to discuss the process of growth and development in training along your whole lifespan. imgresWe get deep into the most important lessons to learn at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of training.

This podcast goes beyond mere, sets and reps. This is about developing your true potential and capability beyond just getting stronger. This is about training and progressing for life.

Links referenced in podcast:

Dragon Door Health & Strength Conference

Dragon Door Denver Strength Calisthenics Certification 

Lessons for the beginner calisthenics athlete: 1:46

Lessons for the intermediate calisthenics athlete: 15:24

Lessons for the advanced calisthenics athlete: 30:32