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Al Kavadlo’s Wisdom for Lifting and Life

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I recently had the great privilege of interviewing PCC Team Leader and Author Al Kavadlo.

As a world leader in progressive calisthenics and body weight training, he possesses a wealth of knowledge from years of experience which he shares in his books, videos, and even a smartphone app.

In this interview, Al pulls back the curtain and talks about calisthenics, his app and even his new book he co-wrote with his brother Danny.  Sit back and enjoy!

1:45- Al’s history and origins in calisthenics.

2:55- Advice for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.

5:30- Al’s calisthenics super cool app & the importance of quality.

11:18- The future of calisthenics & bodyweight training.

13:50- Al & Danny’s forthcoming book!

16:30- Al’s best lessons he’s learned over the past few years.

22:33-  Advice for the PCC & SCC calisthenics workshops. 

27:28- Al’s Advice you can use in your next workout.

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