Breaking The Addiction to Fitness Struggle Culture

In Fitness Independence, Satisfying Healthy Eating Tips by Matt

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Struggle culture is everywhere. Just scroll through social media and you’ll find plenty of examples of people posting about their “grind”, “hustle” and how much they can push themselves. Naturally, this attitude has filtered into our fitness culture with folks claiming that it’s noble to struggle, suffer and sacrifice in the name of weight loss and fitness.

To be fair, I’m not suggesting that staying in shape is always easy. Sure, there’s going to be times that challenge mind, body and soul, but there’s a monumental difference between challenging yourself and a self-imposed daily struggle.

Contrary to what struggle culture suggests, this whole fitness thing isn’t supposed to be a constant slog upstream. In fact, staying lean, healthy and in shape should get easier and more rewarding over time. It’s not supposed to be a daily practice of self flagellation. Such a practice is not healthy, nor does it make you tough and macho. It’s self-imposed abuse pure and simple.