Build More Muscle with L Pull Ups

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seated pull up

High reps for some, high intensity for others. This pull up does it all!

The seated, or “L” pull up is one of the most underrated muscle building tools in calisthenics.

– It allows advanced pull up monsters to fine tune their technique.

– It teaches you how to engage the upper back and shoulders more during vertical pulling moves.

– It’s a great mid point between the Australian pull up or body row and the full body weight pull up.

– It helps to teach you how to keep your legs lightly tense yet out of the exercise so your upper body can gain most of the benefit.

– They are also a great finishing move after a few sets of more advanced pull up exercises.

I recommend trying them for high reps if you can do regular pull ups or as an advanced move if you’re still doing high reps of rows. They bring something to the table for everyone!