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Build Muscle With Your Mind

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A lot of people who go looking to build muscle and strength never find the results they want. Much of the reason is that they are looking in the wrong places.

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The key to making gains is in the mind, not the muscles.


We’re told that the key to getting bigger and stronger is in the latest routine or the best equipment. Maybe the key is in the diet or the popular supplement. While all of that stuff is important, none of it can promise you the gains you want.

The results you want all depends on what is going on between your ears. Your mind is the make it or break it point in your ability to build muscle and strength.

I’m not suggesting that you can jut sit and meditate on building muscle and it will happen. (Although that can’t hurt). You do still need to take action and work hard. The key is understanding how your mind relates to the action your taking. If you exercise and your mind is comfortable with what you’re doing nothing will ever change. This is regardless of how hard you work, what your routine looks like or what equipment you use. If you can get your mind to maintain a slightly unbalanced state, your body is guaranteed to change no matter what.

Check out this week’s podcast for more detail on how to use the power of your mind to force your body to change.