Build Stability to Build Muscle and Strength

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Stability the gatekeeper to your strength and muscle building efforts. Simply put, the more stability you develop, the bigger and stronger you can become. On the other hand, a lack of stability will handicap your ability to build muscle and strength.

Don’t think that building stability means standing on balance disks and doing crazy “functional” training exercises. All exercises require some degree of stability so it’s simply a matter of increasing the stability you have in basic exercises, like the big 6 from Convict Conditioning.

Stability is all about using the tension around your joints to make them less prone to movement. This can require a lot of strength and tension in its own right. Afterall, your muscles tense up both to create movement and to prevent it. Stability is just the yin to the yang of creating tension in order to move or lift against the force of gravity.

pistol squats

Pistol squats require a lot of hip and core stability.

Check out this week’s podcast on how to create more stability around the more important joints, namely the spine, shoulders, and hips.