Shoulder Training With Tree Handstands

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tree handstands

These tree things grow all over!

Trees are God’s gift to anyone who wants to work on hand stand work. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on static poses or full blown push ups, trees offer everything you need.

One of my favorite shoulder building moves is to do handstand walking or crawling around a tree. Because it momentarily places your muscles under a lot more tension than just regular hand stands your muscles are told to become far bigger and stronger. They also do wonders for shoulder stability and core strength.

Give this workout a try:

Find a tree that’s about 6-7 feet in diameter and attempt to walk half way around it on your hands then reverse the other direction. Or you can walk all the way around for one set and then walk the other way around for the second.

To progress or regress simply change the angle of your body by walking your feet higher up the tree and moving your hands closer to the base.

As always with handstand work, listen to your body and be sure to end the set before you reach failure if you’re facing the tree like in this video.