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Calisthenics for Martial Arts 4- Things You Need to Develop

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Calisthenics and martial arts have long been training partners. It’s even speculated that the development of martial arts and calisthenics happened right alongside one another.

This is why I wrote the book, Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts. It’s time modern martial artists tap into the wealth of their athletic potential without needing to go to a gym or buy costly home exercise equipment.

bodyweight training for marital arts

Why calisthenics works so well for martial arts

One of the biggest mistakes martial artists make is believing all they need to do to kick butt in the gym is to get bigger and stronger. While building strength and size is key, it’s only 25% of the athletic qualities you need to develop to be at your best. Here are the other important qualities you need:

#1 Technical strength

Strength is much more than being able to exert force into an external object. It’s also about coordinating the use of every single muscle in your body to perform a task. It’s the use of the muscles in your body in a coordinated way that matters most, not just how much work a single muscle group can accomplish.

That’s why the progressive resistance of calisthenics is such a perfect fit. It not only makes your muscles stronger but teaches you how to your your muscles better through advanced techniques.

#2 Isometric strength

Martial artists need to be able to create a lot of tension and hold that tension for long periods of time. Wether they are wrestling, grappling, or just holding a stance you’ll need to develop the capacity to create, and hold, the tension in your muscles. Isometric training teaches you how to do this very well.

#3 Explosive power

On the other side of the coin you also need to be able to move and strike with speed and power. Slow, yet strong doesn’t help you much against a much faster opponent. This is why explosive bodyweight training can help you develop your explosive power unlike any other modality.

#4 Shifting Strength

As a martial artist, you can’t be strong in just one position. You need to be stable and confident in a wide variety of positions. This is where shifting strength can be so valuable. By shifting your body position, you’ll develop the strength and “muscle confidence” in many positions making you stronger and much more resilient.

Put all 4 of these qualities together and you have a seriously effective combination to optimize your strength and conditioning for martial arts. if you want to learn more, check out my latest book, Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts here on Amazon.