Calisthenics Periodization for Beginners

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Periodization is great for calisthenics, and can really help you reach higher levels of performance once you’re past the honeymoon period of your training career.

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when looking into how to make periodization work which is why I’m making it really simple and easy to understand in this week’s episode of the Red Delta Project Podcast.

Here are the time stamps from the live Q&A afterward:

How to use periodization with Convict Condoning 14:52

How to prevent “burning knees” after single leg exercises: 16:21

What do I think about the Russian Fighter Pull-up Challenge? 18:16

What do I think about Hindu Squats? 19:48

Would changing my workout make a difference? 20:39

Is there a R.D.P Patreon we can support? 23:05

What does it mean if I’m breezing past the tension and stability phase in my workout? 23:58

How to gain back muscle confidence after an injury? 26:21

How can I improve overhead mobility? 28:04

Should I tense as much as possible during the stability phase? 29:22

What is my opinion on Animal Flow workouts 30:27

Is HIIT training more effective for weight loss? 32:17

What’s my opinion on plant based diets? 35:57

Why my app is a rip-ff: 38:12

Do you need BCAAS during a workout? 41:45

What is the best way to activate your upper back? 45:14

How to progress volume in a week for calisthenics bulking phase? 46:25

Can isometric squats and deadlifts improve your numbers in those dynamic exercises? 47:59

How to stop scrotum shrinkage during your workout? 48:45

How to combine martial arts training and calisthenics muscle-building workouts: 50:08

What’s the best meal to gain weight? 52:10

Should I buy a pull-up bar? 57:06 (yes and this Is the one I recommend: