What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is the ancient art of using your body weight to condition yourself toward any fitness goal you choose.

The R.D.P focuses on a discipline known as progressive calisthenics which teaches you how to adjust the level of difficulty of any exercise to perfectly match your goals and fitness level. You can now modify every exercise to a greater degree than any free weight or weight machine.

Benefits of Calisthenics

Calisthenics training is extremely efficient to practice so it creates very little excess stress on your body, mind, and lifestyle. You don’t need to join a gym or purchase any costly equipment. You can get a quick workout in anywhere at any time which makes it much easier to fit your busy life.

The second benefit is that it’s very effective in helping you accomplish a wide range of fitness goals. Whether you want to build muscle, improve strength, burn fat, or increase flexibility, calisthenics can make it happen.

Best of all, bodyweight training is a very holistic approach to physical conditioning. All exercises work multiple muscle groups and multiple physical capabilities at the same time. This helps to ensure you won’t develop any major imbalances that can lead to injury, poor performance and an unappealing physique.

Train smarter not harder!

Successful training is more about the mind than the muscle. Training your muscles is simple; they will do whatever your mind tells them to do. It’s training your mind that’s the hard part. This mental focus is why you’ll find most of

my training advice isn’t just what to do in an exercise, but also what to think about while

you practice it. This mental approach allows you to make much faster progress with less stress. You can learn more about my unique approach to bodyweight training in my book Smart Bodyweight Training.

One of the dominant mentalities I use is what I call Chain Training. Chain Training is a simple way to mentally think about the muscles you use and how they work together during an exercise.


Each of the exercise categories on this site is grouped into the following muscle chains:

Push chain exercises

This category includes moves like dips, push-ups, and handstands which work your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

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Pull chain exercises

These exercises balance out the push exercises with moves like rows, pull-ups and levers. Exercises like this are a fantastic workout for your entire back, shoulders, biceps and forearms.

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Squat chain exercises

It’s a myth that you can’t build strong and capable legs with bodyweight training. Exercises like Squats, lunges and hip mobility drills will work every one of your muscles from the waist down.

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Core chain exercises

Forget the latest ab machines and gadgets, the best core exercises require nothing more than your bodyweight. Movements like leg raises, planks, and side planks will work every muscle in your midsection without stressing your lower back or hips.

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Extension chain exercises

These techniques just might be the most important exercises you’ll ever practice. Moves like bridges and hip extensions are the perfect solution to many of the problems that come with the stress of chronic sitting. They strengthen the muscles that are weak while stretching the ones that are tight all in one or two techniques that won’t stress your spine like weight lifting moves.

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