What is Grind-Style Calisthenics?

Grind-Style Calisthenics (GSC) gives you the same muscle burning experience you get at the gym through the efficient nature of bodyweight training. Forget the boring high-rep stuff you did as a kid, and this isn’t about high-flying acrobatics either. GSC is for those who want to take their muscles to the limit and beyond without the cost and hassle of equipment-dependent workouts.

Your old gym membership is officially obsolete

Abusive workouts that test the integrity of your joints are out. So is that costly gym membership and space-hogging home equipment.

GSC can be practiced anywhere at any time. All you need is a bit of know-how, some open floor space and maybe a cheap DIY suspension trainer to attack every muscle you’ve got. Your natural potential will no longer be handicapped by inconvenience, high cost or nagging aches and pains. GSC gives you the freedom to optimally train for your personal body type, goals and lifestyle.

Here’s the catch…….

GSC isn’t for everyone. Basically, it’s about learning how to do basic exercises the hard way; and sometimes the very hard way. This isn’t for those who like to rush through 100 half-rep push-ups or flop around like a caught fish while doing pull-ups.

GSC is about adjusting your technique and programming to make your muscles work harder than they ever have before. Doing 8 push-ups or a 10-second plank may not seem impressive, but that will be all you can handle when you practice those exercises in progressively difficult ways.

Grind-Style Calisthenics meets you at your level

Most strength training methods usually use just two adjustable variables; mainly weight and reps. GSC uses nine total adjustable variables. All of these give you the freedom to customize any exercise to perfectly fit your fitness level.

Get started here

GSC focuses on the fact that training your muscles is simple; they will do whatever your mind tells them to do. It’s training your mind that’s the hard part. That’s why I wrote the book Smart Bodyweight Training. It includes everything you need to know to get started with GSC and train smarter for the rest of your life.

How Does Grind-Style Calisthenics Work?

GSC uses the following elements to help you build muscle, reduce joint pain and have a lot of fun in every workout.

#1 Muscle Tension Mastery

The GSC practitioner strives to master their muscle tension through focus and concentration. Equipment, like weights and suspension trainers, are important influences, but the true source of success lies within one’s mind.

Muscle tension mastery gives you the power to direct where your body handles stress so you can use resistance to work your muscles rather than wear out your joints or nervous system.

#2 Tension Chains

GSC isn’t about working individual muscles like a bodybuilder, nor is it about training movements like an athlete. Instead, it’s a combination of the two where you use basic movements to control your tension along specific muscular tension chains. This approach conditions your body to look and perform at an elite level.

There are six basic tension chains including three movement chains and three stability chains.  Your movement chains include your push, pull and squat chains and are responsible for most of the movement your body performs through space.

movement chains chain training

Your stability chains include your flexion, lateral and extension chains and serve to create tension along the full length of your body. These chains support and stabilize your body while your movement chains do their job.

chain training support chains#3 Nine Progressive Elements

GSC uses nine progressive elements to create an infinite number of exercise variations. These elements also give you the freedom to perfectly train for your fitness level and goals.

The table of progressive elements gives you infinite flexibility with your bodyweight training.

#4 Suspension Training

Suspension trainers, like gymnastics rings, give you freedom and flexibility in your training.

Suspension trainers place an entire gym of exercises right in your pocket. You can train anywhere at any time while offering on-the-fly adjustments to instantly dial in the perfect level of difficulty.

Climbing ropes and gymnastics rings are classic variations of suspension training. New modern variations like monkii bars and even DIY projects provide new toys to play with even more features.

#5 Satisfying Healthy Eating

Like all forms of training, GSC is only as effective as your ability to recover.  This is why the GSC approach to a healthy diet focuses on satisfying your 4 primal appetites to optimize recovery and fuel even your hardest workouts. Check out the Healthy Eating Page here.