The Top 5 Commandments for Building Muscle w/ Calisthenics

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Building muscle with calisthenics really isn’t any different from building it with free weights or machines. Fundamentally, the rules are the same, but they are easy to forget in our modern world that’s saturated by hype and warped “infotainmnt.” That’s why I like to revisit the list of essential muscle building commandments Paul Wade provides in his ground-breaking book C-Mass. …

Cycling in Cold Weather: A Guide

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Image Credit  Temperatures may be dropping, but it doesn’t have to mean you need to store your bike away or stop your cycling hobby altogether. In this short guide, we’ll help you fully prepare and stay motivated for cycling in the changing weather conditions.  Wear Correct Clothing Like with any exercise, your body will naturally warm up when you cycle. …

Why Your Emotional Alignment Will Make or Break Your Diet and Workout Program

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When it comes to losing weight or building muscle, what you do is incredibly important. Also, what you learn and know is important as well. However, what you know and what you do is NOTHING compared to how you feel about your training. How you emotionally feel about every aspect of your fitness habits is the simple most important influence …

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Muscle and Strength Building Advantages of Overcoming Isometrics

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At first glance, overcoming isometrics may not seem like a very effective method for helping you build muscle and strength. You’re not moving, you’re not working against a quantifiable level of resistance, and you’re not even counting reps. It seems like isometric training may be lacking all of the necessary components of an effective strength program, so how can it …

Staying Safe While Running in Quarantine

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Whether you call in quarantine, self-isolation, or lockdown, there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone around the world. For individuals who used to visit their local gym for regular workouts, COVID-19 has transformed their fitness regime. Because most gyms have closed down during the pandemic, it’s fair to say that you’ve got to …

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How to Make Micro Workouts More Effective

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Micro workouts are small workouts that add up over time to produce big results. Many will claim that a short 5-10 minute workout can’t be effective, and they are right. Many short workouts aren’t effective, but then again, neither are many full-length workout either. The key to making your micro workouts effective is the same way you make any workout …