How to Change Your Fitness Set Points

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Fitness set points can seem pretty scary. The idea that your fitness destiny is predetermined by your genetics threatens the promise of making positive changes. What’s the point of even trying to lose weight or build muscle when your own body will default to the same set point?

fitness set point rut

A set point can make you feel like you always fall back into a predetermined rut no matter how hard you try.

While there is some debate over whether such set points exist, it’s hard to argue that you can feel stuck regardless of what you try to do. There’s definitely something to the idea that change can feel like an uphill battle and it’s very easy to slide back to where you started.

This week’s podcast is all about peeling back the hype and scary science of fitness set points so you can better understand what really causes them to exist. Once you understand what causes them, you’ll be better equipped to not only work with them but even change them for the better. Because, while there’s a lot of negative perspective regarding set points, there’s also some positive ways to look at them. While they may seem to keep you in a condition you don’t want, they can also be used to help you achieve and maintain a point you do want.  Some people, like my friend Tommy Rembizewski, can’t help but stay in a great shape because his set points are set toward keeping him lean, healthy and strong.

It’s time to use fitness set points to your advantage rather than a disadvantage. Listen down below or subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes.