Deceptive Lies The Fitness Media Is Telling You Every Day

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One of the big paradoxes of our modern fitness culture, is that we have far more information on diet and exercise, yet we’re still struggling to get in shape.

While the internet has allowed us to be surrounded by fitness advice 24/7, it’s important to understand that the majority of this information isn’t based on science, but instead advertising.

Just consider what you see when you open up the latest copy of Muscle and Fantasy magazine. For every scrap of advice within the pages you’ll be exposed to loads of full-page ads. True factual information on how to get in shape is the metaphorical needle in the haystack made out of strands of hype, myths and half truths.

The unfortunate thing is, the human min is hard-wired to believe messages that it receives on a frequent basis. So if you read or hear the idea that you can get six-pack abs with some special core routine, the more you’ll subliminally come to accept that as a factual truth. Even though both scientific research and real-world evidence has shown that ab training is a relatively minor influence to the shape of your midsection.

That’s why this Episode of the RDP podcast is all about exposing some of the biggest fitness lies and myths we’re told in the fitness media every day. Understanding these lies isn’t just about exposing falsehoods, but it’s about getting a real bead on how this whole fitness thing really works so you can get the most out of it.