Hard in Fitness Work Isn’t Scaleable

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In the world of business, it’s often recommended to use strategies and models which are scaleable. It’s important to develop systems which can be replicated over and over with compounding effect so your business and success grows.

This is how someone can start a small home business and turn it into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

Just as in business, it’s important to do the same in fitness. You need to use methods which you can scale. Unfortunately, most diet and exercise plans are not scaleable. This means you’re only going to gain so much ground and then go no further.

Below are a couple fitness methods which are not scaleable:

#1- Hard work and effort isn’t scalable.

In business, it’s understood that you have a finite amount of energy you can personally put into a project. That’s why you delegate and hire other people in order to harness their energy.

It works well in business, but doesn’t work so well in fitness. You can’t hire someone else to do push ups for you, nor can you delegate the calories in that chocolate cake you just ate.  You can only work so hard. You can only spend so much time in the gym and sacrifice so much energy in the name of getting in shape. More importantly, you can only work your ass off for so long. Eventually the stress will take it’s toll on your body and mind.

The solution- Work on improving your skills.

Since you can’t reap the diet and exercise gains from the effort other people put in, you’re best bet is to gain more from the effort you do put in. Yes, fitness takes hard work, but skillful practice will always return dividends. Seek to improve the skill of doing the exercises you do better. No matter how much you practice, you can always improve your skills and thus reap greater rewards.

#2- Obedience to strict rules isn’t scaleable.

I know it sound’s tempting. You come across a simple diet or exercise program with a few simple rules and it seems like the ideal solution. The diet claims your success is assured if you just stay away from certain foods. The workout program promises you results as long as you stick to their exercises and program.

While these rules can be helpful, the most you can do is to fulfill them and then where do you go? Once you’ve cut meat or refined foods from your diet where do you go from there? I promise you that following only a few rules will only bring you so far and it’s not going to be far enough.

The solution- Focus on the root cause of your goal and manipulate the influences on your own terms.

A simple man-made rule can’t rule or control a complex natural system. There are many influences both within nature and our lives which can make any diet or exercise rule potent or worthless. Fitness is about manipulating systems Mother Nature put into place. Any diet and exercise rule we come up with is merely an influence upon those systems and nothing more.

Aiming to understand the root causes of various fitness goals is about cutting through the artificial perception mankind has of fitness and getting right to the source of what Mother Nature set up in the first place.

In the end, a scaleable fitness plan involves focusing on the basic natural laws of fitness and learning how to fulfill them in a skillful way. Trying to muscle our way to a fit body thought blood, sweat, tears and obedience is always going to bring short term and limited gains.

Simply working hard isn’t scalable, but healthy eating and skillful training is.