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Diet Isn’t Really That Important

In Diet-Free Healthy Eating / Fat Loss/ Nutrition, Methods & Success Mindset by The Fit Rebel

Is the choice of lunch entree really a life or death situation?

Our fitness culture is constantly placing more emphasis on the importance of diet.

As our knowledge of nutrition grows at breakneck speed, the importance of our dietary choices seems to also be growing.

Now it almost seems like most of the success we hope for is dependent upon what we have for lunch.

It’s almost like “don’t worry about your workout or sleep too much. Just focus on weighing your lunch meat and making sure you have 12 raisins on your salad.”

But I have a secret belief that I’ve been reluctant to share…….until now.

While I believe that diet is important, I don’t believe it’s all that important. I also believe we may be spending far too much effort towards getting the diet right than we really need to.

As a result, our priorities on what’s really important within our fitness culture have become slightly skewed.

Here’s why:

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