DIY ultra portable suspension trainer

DIY Ultra Portable Suspension Trainer

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This suspension trainer is the latest invention to come from the R.D.P Calisthenics Equipment Development Program. A.k.a, by tinkering around in my basement.

This new suspension trainer is called the Bowline Trainer because it only uses the bowline knot in its construction. It’s designed to be ultra lightweight, portable and versatile.

Unlike the Pruisk Trainer, it lacks the ability to make large handle adjustments very quickly. However, it’s simplicity can accommodate a wide variety of anchors, attachments, and uses. This makes it ideal for those who travel or backpack when space and weight is at a premium.

It also features a unique adjustable foot sling system that’s more effective, safer, and easier to use than conventional suspension training designs. Even better, this foot sling system doesn’t add any extra weight or bulk to the total package. In fact, it actually makes it lighter!

Check out this video and the “recipe” down below for more details:

Bowline Trainer parts:
– 2x lengths of 5 or 6mm climbing rope (at least 1,000 lb test). 11-15 feet long each.
– 2x 5.5-6 in long 1-1.5 inch diameter PVC handle.
– Climbing tape.

– Sand block
– Razor blade
– Saw
– Drill for foot sling handle. Be sure the drill bit is slightly larger in diameter than the rope. Do your best to remove rough edges in the foot sling hole.


My latest invention is the versatile and ultra portable bowline suspension trainer. While lacking the super fast adjustment of the prusik suspension trainer, the bowline has fewer knots, ropes, and a unique foot sling feature. It’s ideal for those who need a suspension trainer on the go, or for those who only need one for a couple select exercises.