Do Weighted Calisthenics The Smart Way

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Weighted or loaded calisthenics seems simple enough. You just take a classic bodyweight exercise and add some weight to your body to increase the resistance. It seems like a great way to build muscle and strength, but it’s fraught with risk.

Part of the reason for this risk is weighted bodyweight training can jeopardize your technical convergence. This is the unique way progressive calisthenics helps ensure your training stays both effective and safe. It essentially means, that to increase the resistance on a muscle group you also have to improve the quality of your technique.

progressive calisthenics

Resistance and technique are not mutually exclusive with progressive calisthenics. They are linked in a relationship where the quality of one depends on the quality of the other.


Weight lifting and weighted calisthenics usually don’t involve technical convergence since adjusting weight can make your resistance separate from your technique.  This means the quality of your technique doesn’t have to improve to add more resistance. You can even suffer from technical divergence which is when your technique erodes for the sake of adding more resistance. This can handicap your overall fitness and increase the risk of injury.

But don’t despair, there’s a smart way to do weighted calisthenics, and I detail it in this video: