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Why I Don’t Car About My Metabolism

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I don’t care about 99% of the stuff I’m supposed to focus on when it comes to diet and exercise.

At the same time, I tend to focus on priorities that most folks just glace over.

I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why I have such a unique fitness “lifestyle”. I keep getting faster and stronger, while also freeing myself up for more than just diet and exercise habits.

The next few posts are going to showcase some of the supposedly important diet and exercise habits that I quite frankly could care less about. I’ll then follow up with the aspect I do focus on instead.

Here’s the first one:

I don’t care much about: Metabolism

I put more time and stress reading the weather report than I do worrying about the state of my metabolism.

I largly don’t care because most of the BIG stuff that governs human metabolism is stuff we can’t control or change. Height, Age, gender, Genetics, Somatotype and build are all the meat and potatoes that govern the human metabolism. Things like muscle mass and diet play a role, but their influences are relatively minor.

So on the whole my metabolism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Any changes that do happen will be relatively minor and pretty slow to come about.

Instead I care very much about: My energy level

On the other hand, my energy level dominates everything in my life from mood to the quality of my workouts and diet. It can change 108 degrees on a heart beat and can cause any activity I do to sink or swim.

From a fat loss/build perspective my energy level is far more important than metabolism. When the energy level is high I move more and eat less. But when it’s low I just want to sit around and eat junk food.

So I have ditched all of the metabolism hype and have not missed it one bit. But focusing on my energy level has greatly improved every aspect of my fitness.

Up Next: Why I don’t care about my heart rate while exercising.