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Will Lance Armstrong’s Confession Hurt Your Fitness Potential?

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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The denial is over! Lance Armstrong has confessed to using performance enhancing drugs while racing the tour.

The cycling and sports world is reeling with questions about what this will mean for cycling, racing and Lance’s finances. I however have a much more important concern:

Will you let Lances confession keep your fitness potential in check?

Before the days of Fitness Independence, I used to look for any reason to feel good about my own lack of progress. I wanted to believe that I was doing my best and that I was doing everything I could to stay in shape. My ego prevented me from admitting that I wasn’t doing everything I could.

Whenever someone would be caught with steroids or cheating in some other way, I would   use that to further bolster my own insecurity. I would convince myself that high levels of performance and fitness were only possible with drugs.

Looking back, I know it was due to insecurity. I wanted to feel like I was doing all I could. It’s hard to admit that you’re not doing all you can. That even though you’re going through blood sweat and tears you’re still not doing all you can.

I especially see this in the “hardcore” attitude many take on within our fitness culture. It seems like everyone and their mom is all about how “you’re workout is my warm up” or how much pain you can endure over your competition.  So many people want to believe they are at their limit.

But we’re not at our limit. Not even close, but that’s hard to admit. When we see someone  with far higher levels of performance we try and let ourselves off the hook by saying it’s genetics or that they are on drugs.

Sure genetics and drugs play their role, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that we all have so much more potential.

Believe what you will about Lance and the athletes who use drugs. Whatever you do, don’t lose your faith in your own potential.  You have so much more sweet potential than you can ever imagine. Don’t keep it in check just because a few apples have been found to have a few spots.