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Easy Fitness Part 1

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Easy is not a word commonly associated with a successful diet and exercise program. If anything, many experts will decry the very mention of the word and insist there are no short cuts.

I sure used to be such a person, but I’m learning my lesson. Not only is striving for the path of least resistance possible, but it’s also possibly your only chance of success.


Push ups are one of the easiest moves for building muscle.

Think about it; no one has ever achieved any level of success without making things easier. Be it in business, fitness or just making chocolate chip cookies, the easier path is the successful path.

Before you think I’ve either gone insane or turned to the dark side, know that I’m not claiming success will come easily. I’m only stating that it will come when you make things easier. In other words, find a way to do the necessary work with less cost.

Just consider the following examples:

  • Putting up a doorway pull up bar to get some reps without going to the gym.
  • Cleaning out the fridge of super tempting red light foods.
  • Consulting a coach to improve technique.
  • Using the CC+ program to become more comfortable with progressive calisthenics.

These are all “shortcuts.” They all give you the ability to make faster progress with less work. Sure, you can succeed without doing any of these things, but you’re going to have to work so much harder, and it’s going to take much more time. These shortcuts make progress easier so you can go further with less effort. In other words, they are true shortcuts.

Check out this week’s podcast. It’s part 1 of a 4 part series that will tell you how to make your fitness easier and more effective.