Easy Fitness Part 2 Exercise

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In the last post, I talked about the virtues of seeking the path of least resistance when it comes to diet and exercise. The basic idea is the path of success is forged by finding ways to make the necessary work easier to accomplish.

In this post, we discuss strategies on how you can apply this philosophy toward your workouts.

This is a topic I’ve long struggled with. I used to believe that the best workout is the hardest workout. I even used to wear clothing and gear that would purposely¬†make the workout more difficult. I would wear shorts and cotton shirts when riding my bike instead of wearing a jersey. I would also go train with mattwithout water and purposely train during the hottest time of the day. This was all under the mistaken idea that it would toughen me up.

This was all due to the philosophy that harder was always better. Now I know that most hardship only slowed me down. It didn’t make me tougher, stronger or better. It just meant I was beating myself up for meager gains.

The irony is that many people make exercise far more difficult than it needs to be. Even though they are working harder, they are doing less of the important work that produces results. Once you begin to make your exercise habits easier, you can make more progress be focusing on what’s most important.

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