Eating and Training Right For Your Body Type

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Body type training and diet strategies can make or break your hopes to build the body you want. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned somatotype model which includes, Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph doesn’t work very well for most people.

That’s why I created a slightly different model that offers a much more practical approach for helping you align your diet and exercise habits with your personal body type.

Live Q&A

How to build strength without adding too much muscle mass? 17:05

Tips for those who are “skinny fat” 18:11

Can you build muscle eating 2 meals a day while doing calisthenics? 20:49

Will thumbless pull-ups compromise your grip strength? 22:22

Why doesn’t GSC use regular push-up progressions? 23:22

Which is best, Hip dominant bridges or spine dominant bridges: 25:15

How long should you stick with a diet before you know it’s not working? 27:04

Where would plyometric exercises fit in GSC?

Can Calorie Hacking Help Endomorphs lose fat? 30:42

Can you be a good fitness coach without being dogmatic about diet and exercise? 32:12

Thoughts on Reverse dieting: 34:31

Is daily cardio a good idea to speed up fat loss? 35:58

What do I think about “lean bulking” 38:22

Why I no longer use heart rate training in my workouts: 40:54

Pull-up advice for when you’re overweight: 43:12

Why I take protein recommendations with a grain of salt: 45:01

What to focus on when improving erectile health: 47:18

How do you know if low or high volume is best for building muscle? 49:21

Can you build muscle with resistance bands? 50:38

How much weight loss in a week is health? 52:16