eating better vs eating right

Eating Right vs Eating Better

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People ask me if I eat right, to which I enthusiastically reply no, as a matter of fact I don’t eat right. I love their reaction, it’s always a mix of disbelief and sympathy like I’m a darn fool. “Oh you’ll learn” they say. Just wait until you reach age, 20, 30, 40 or whatever. “You won’t be able to eat whatever you want for the rest of your life without consequences.”

What these folks don’t know is I’ve spent most of my younger years trying to eat right. It

A bad food according to many dogmas, but a super food for me.

A bad food according to many dogmas, but a superfood to me.

wasn’t a complete failure, but I do look back on those years of trying to only eat the right foods as a waste.

It’s not that eating right is bad, it’s just so incredibly limiting, both in flexibility as well as benefits. Adhering to a single dietary rule that paints the world of food in black and white holds you back in so many ways. It’s like a mechanic refusing to use any tools that are metric. It’s nothing more than false security gained by tieing one’s hands behind their back.

Instead of eating right, I eat better which is far more flexible and opens up a whole lot more potential for far greater results.  Check out this video for more details: