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Emotion vs Logic Dominant Fitness Habits

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Are you working your tail off and sticking to your diet or exercise plan, but not getting the results you want? Is pushing yourself to your limits the extent of your workout plan?

Maybe you’re always looking for that one diet or workout program that’s going to work for you. Are perhaps you feel you know what to do but you have trouble finding the motivation to get going.

If either of these statements strike a cord you might be either Logic or Emotion dominant in your approach to diet and exercise. No matter which side you fall on, you’re probably wasting your effort on things that won’t really bring you results, while ignoring important things that will.

Watch these videos, or listen to the podcast to learn the difference between emotion and logic dominance, what they mean for you and how to break free of the rut you’re in.
Part 1 Emotional Dominance

Part 2 Logic Dominance