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End Workout Boredom Forever

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Feel the burn (*sigh*) Get after it.. yea yea same old grind.

Boring workouts suck!

They suck your time, your energy and even your potential to see results.

Boring workouts require far more effort on your part but give you only a slightly effective workout at best.

A lot of folks resort to magazines or watching things on a screen to distract their mind, but this is one of the single worst things you can do! Such distracting tactics only prevents you from really making progress and reminds you that you’re doing something you’d rather not be doing.

This week’s podcast goes over some of the biggest reasons why workout boredom is more ¬†detrimental than you may have thought. I also go over a few of the best sure-fire ways to erase workout boredom forever.

Saddle up, the days of watching the clock slowly tick down are at an end!

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