Everything You Know About Fitness Is Wrong Part 2

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In this week’s episode, I explore how may popular diet and exercise methods are based on factually true, yet relatively minor mechanical processes.

Common examples include the role insulin plays in fat storage, how muscle mass can influence your metabolism, or how the E.P.O.C (or afterburner effect) can make you continue to burn calories after a workout.

These mechanical processes are factually true, but they are usually relatively minor and don’t really really carry the weight that warrants relying on them to get results.

As a result, you end up putting all of your eggs in one basket that can’t possibly be big enough to get the results you want.

Live feed Q&A time stamps:

Why do I look my best after eating following a long cutting phase? 10:31

How to correct a shoulder imbalance? 12:37

Suggestions for improving strength with uneven exercises? 14:21

Gaining strength but still feeling skinny: 15:20

Updates for the Grind Style Calisthenics Video Program 18:02

What’s the best lifting tempo for calisthenics? 19:40

Thoughts on running on a Trueform treadmill 21:19

Shrimp squat vs pistol squat 23:09

Tips for programing strength, flexibility and running: 25:15

Does periodization work for calisthenics as well as weight lifting? 27:14

Tips for progressing weighted calisthenics: 28:43

Tips for breathing during exercise 30:35

Training tension and stability for vertical pushing/ pulling exercises 31:49

What’s the best way to train pistol squat stability? 33:22

Should you add more to a full-body 3x/ week routine 34:50

Thoughts on setting up a basic home gym 37:23

High rep training w/ micro workouts 39:58

Is it good to mix gym workouts with calisthenics at the park? 41:54

How to strengthen martial arts techniques 42:33

Building legs at home with minimal weight 44:13