Exercise & Cancer: 3 Things You Need To Know

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You don’t need to be a medical professional to know that exercise is incredibly beneficial for your body and mind. There are so many different benefits of exercise that extend beyond the obvious ones of losing weight and improving your fitness. 

For example, did you know that exercise has many benefits that are directly linked to cancer? It’s true, and here are some key things you need to know about this:

Regular exercise reduces the chances of getting cancer

Exercising a few times per week can greatly reduce the risk of developing many forms of cancer. In fact, it has been shown to reduce the risk of at least 13 forms of this disease! One of the prime reasons for this is that exercise maintains healthy body weight. If you exercise regularly, you prevent things like obesity or massive weight gain. People who are overweight are instantly at more risk of developing various forms of cancer. Exercising also regulates hormones within your body, and it boosts your immune system. All of these things combine to make it great at fighting cancer and lowering your risk. 

Exercise can help you recover after cancer treatments

Many people will sadly go through cancer treatment and end up in remission. This means that cancer comes back, so they’re at square one again. Some medical experts believe this is because they’re told to do nothing and rest as much as possible. However, it’s been shown that cancer patients can benefit from doing light exercise after treatment. This is especially true for any patients that have recently undergone breast cancer treatment. It is widely suggested that moving your body and exercising regularly can help speed up the recovery process and kick your body back into action. There are also reports from some medical bodies that claim there’s as much as a 40% decreased risk of breast cancer returning. It’s the same for many other forms as well – including colon and prostate cancer. 

Exercise helps during cancer treatments

Similarly, exercise can help patients that are currently undergoing cancer treatment. It’s known that many people experience side effects throughout the treatment process. This typically includes a weakened immune system, loss of strength, and depressive thoughts. Well, there are reports that say exercise is your secret weapon when undergoing treatment. It releases endorphins that keep you happy, it helps to maintain and build strength, and it may also improve your immune system. Obviously, you’ll struggle to perform the same workouts that you may have been doing before. But, even something quick and short, like a micro workout, can end up being beneficial. Don’t force yourself to exercise all the time as you could be too weak at some points. Equally, don’t fall into the trap of being stationary and doing nothing as this will lead to more harm than good. 

Clearly, the link between exercise and cancer is very strong. Regular exercise will help lower the risk of developing so many common forms of cancer. But, it also has incredible benefits during and after cancer treatment. The moral of the story is that you should always look to stay active if you want a better life!